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                Exterior French and folding doors
  The attractive French and folding range is affordable luxury at its very best.
Through this range, you will receive a beautiful product, which doesn’t compromise on quality, safety or performance.
Sets are supplied ‘ready to assemble’, with most components pre-machined at our factory. This ensures ease of installation on site and the process also becomes easier for fitting the special hardware, locks and handles.
The doors are 54mm thick. Doors and frames are manufactured using a modern engineered construction for stability, and have a solid hardwood core and 3mm slices of oak or 3mm hardwood veneered on each
visible surface.
The set has been factory finished with 3 coats of high-build micro porous finish applied and ready to install on site without further finishing (one total immersion dip coat and 2 top coats). The finish incorporates maximum
UV protection.
Our sets come complete with doors, frame, cill, hardware, threshold, locks, handles, weather and draught seals.
           Cill and bottom track
Key lockable drop bolt
range guide: autumn 2018 | exterior doors

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