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                Interior glazed moulded options
      Half light glazed design code: M6H
Design code: M4M
Design code: M6G
Design code: M6M
Design code: M6H
Design code: M6E
Design code: M4G
                                                            To ensure your family and home is protected in the unfortunate case of a fire, select from Premdor’s BWF-Certifire approved range of factory fabricated and fully-glazed fire doors. Available in FD30 and FD60 specifications, BWF-Certifire approval ensures all the necessary requirements of the building regulations are met *. For pricing and availability, please contact our sales centre.
• Door designs shown are available in Safe ‘N’ Sound core construction and FD30 fire doors.
• FD60 fire doors available for M4M, M6M & M4G designs.
• Glazed FD30 fire doors are supplied with clear unwired
fire rated glass fitted as standard. Wired option also available.
• Obscure glass option available on Safe ‘N’ Sound doors only.
• Other glazing styles available upon request.
• Primed timber glazing cassette, or bead (foil wrapped MDF).
• Textured or smooth moulded panel facings.
• White base coated faces.
* Fire door performance is only guaranteed if the overall fire doorset assembly is correctly installed and maintained throughout the product’s lifecycle.
 All fireshield FD30 and firemaster FD60 fire doors are third party certified within the BWF Certifire Scheme. This means that every fire door is monitored and recorded throughout the production process, to arrive with the end user fully performance rated.
An important feature of the scheme is the unique BWF Certifire label. Designed to be tamper proof, this enables the door to be identified easily once installed. In addition, detailed information is supplied with each door, to assist installation.
Apertures should not be cut in fire doors on site. By doing so performance in a fire situation can become seriously impaired, and the original door certification is invalidated.
Premdor moulded skin fireshield FD30 and firemaster FD60 fire doors are compliant with British Standard testing and supported under audit by the BWF/Certifire accreditation scheme. This scope
of approval includes glazed designs.
Fireshield doors are glazed to ensure performance integrity in a fire situation. Unglazed fire doors are not available.
                           Options can be ordered on all doors where suitable.
• Non standard sizes
• Factory priming (face only)
• White factory paint finishing (textured face only)
• Supply and fit intumescent seals to Fire doors
Please see page 176 for further information.
Please note that these options may not be available with some moulded panel
door sizes, due to technical limitations.
Fireshield doors are only available glazed to ensure performance integrity in a fire situation. Prices available on application.
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