SoundSecure - Sound Reducing Internal Apartment Doors by Premdor

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The SoundSecure doorset has been specifically developed to meet the complex performance demands of apartment entrance locations

Available with Certfire approved FD30/FD60 inward opening fire doors and with Secured By Design accredited assembly and performance tested ironmongery, the SoundSecure doorset provides reassurance and protection against unwanted intrusion where it is required the most - the entrance to your home.

SoundSecure doorset kit includes: Doors (choose from the selected Premdor interior door range) are factory hung on 1½ pairs of CE Marked steel hinges tested to BS EN 1935: Class 14 in an engineered softwood / hardwood frame. Door core is composed of a three layer, high-density particleboard with hardwood style lippings. Read more...

Veneer Match
Paint Grades

SoundSecure doorsets are available with any standard flush door or moulded panel design. Both flush and moulded designs feature a three-layer, high density particle board core, with concealed hardwood lippings on the long edge of the door.

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  • Balances the requirements of Building Regulations against cost and appearance.
  • Available with Certifire approved FD30 and FD60 inward opening fire doors.
  • Fireshield FD30 and Firemaster FD60 doors and intumescent seals ensure that the doorset meets the fire resistance and escape requirements specified by Building Regulations Part B and related National Standards.
  • Secured By Design accredited assembly with durable construction and performance tested ironmongery providing protection against unwanted intrusion.
  • Traditional timber frame.
  • Door is composed of a thermally efficient three-layer, high-density particleboard core that conserves energy.
  • All SoundSecure doorsets are manufactured within a facility that is ISO 14001 accredited.
  • Sound reducing specification that meets the acoustic targets of the Building Regulations Part E and related National Standards, 29dB.
  • Doorset widths suitable for mobility access and low level thresholds assist in meeting the demands of Building Regulations Part M and related National Standards.
  • Where a Secured By Design specification is not required (for example in care homes or student accommodation applications), please contact Premdor to discuss our cost effective non-SBD option.

- For internal use only. Suitable for apartment entrance locations. For use with selected doors from the Premdor interior door range.

Always check specific project requirements against Building Regulations prior to ordering. If in doubt, please contact Premdor.

Conservation of fuel and power

Building Regulations Part L (England and Wales) / Scottish Technical Standards Part J (Scotland) / Building Regulations Part F (Northern Ireland).


Building Regulations Part M (England & Wales) / Building Regulations Part R (Northern Ireland).

SoundSecure doorsets are available in a variety of door widths to meet regulations and specific project requirements. Please note, that these regulations include specific requirements, such as unobstructed space on the opening side of the door and the location of glazing panels.

Resistance to the passage of sound

Building Regulations Part E (England & Wales) / Scottish Technical Standards Part 5 (Scotland) / Building Regulations Part C (Northern Ireland).

SoundSecure doorsets are composed of a solid core construction that exceeds the required weight of 25kg/m2 and therefore, meets the acoustic requirements of Building Regulations Part E, with a minimum tested sound reduction index of 30dBRw for apartment entrances.

Fire Safety

Building Regulations Part B (England & Wales) / Scottish Technical Standards Part 2 (Scotland) / Building Regulations Part E (Northern Ireland).

The SoundSecure doorset's fire door performance and fire escape ironmongery assist compliance with these regulations. Doorsets are FD30 Certifire approved and formally tested to BS476 Part 22.

The SoundSecure doorset's door and frame assembly meets the Secured By Design scheme requirements PAS023 and PAS024 and is independently certified and tested within the TRADA Q Mark Scheme. Premdor holds a Secured By Design licence for the SoundSecure doorsets.

Door Handings

Download SoundSecure Door Handing Drawing

Door Frame

FD30 doors are factory hung in an engineered softwood door frame.

FD60 doors are hung in a hardwood frame.

Door Opening Radius

Download SoundSecure Door Opening Radius Drawing

Door Widths

Building Regulations Part M demand specific dimensions for doors and corridors that have been calculated to assist the mobility of wheelchairs and prams into, and within, the dwelling. For further information, please contact Premdor.

Clear opening dimensions for doors are determined by a number of components, the table below summarises this information by door size: -

Standard Door Size FD30 Doorset Overall Size FD60 Doorset Overall Size
838 x 1981 x 44mm 922 x 2038mm 908 x 2031mm
864 x 1981 x 44mm 948 x 2038mm 934 x 2031mm
914 x 1981 x 44mm 998 x 2038mm 984 x 2031mm
926 x 2040 x 44mm 1010 x 2097mm 996 x 2090mm
Other sizes available on request For wall aperture size add 10mm to above dimensions


1½ pairs of CE Marked EN 1935: Class 14 security hinges (available in chrome or silver effect options).

1½ pairs of CE Marked EN 1935: Class 13 security hinges (available in chrome or silver effect options).

Locking System

High quality, Secured by Design three-point espagnolette locking system, complete with chrome lever handles (as standard, silver handles also available). The standard lock and handles provided can be used in both solid or split spindle modes. The locks are fitted with a fire escape (thumb turn) cylinder as standard.

Draft Seal

Plastech T670 – White or equivalent

Intumescent Smoke Seal

Lorient LP1504DS

Smoke Seal

Norsound NOR710


38mm x No 8, “TwinFast” threaded full length on frame side of hinge.
44mm x No 8, “TwinFast” threaded full length on door side of hinge.

Automatic Threshold

The variable height threshold seal has a new, higher efficiency mechanism, which lifts the seal clear of the floor as soon as the door is opened by a few millimetres. Tested for reliability, the seal completed 1,000,000 cycles without failure. It meets the smoke leakage performance requirements of BS 5588 when tested in accordance with BS 476 Part 31.1 and AS IS309.7. Also, the threshold has been tested for acoustic performance in accordance with BS EN ISO 140.3. 1995. For further information, please contact Premdor.

Under Door Threshold

The extruded aluminium threshold prevents draught and smoke penetration. For further information, please contact Premdor.


Important Information - Ordering, Storage, Handling, Installation, Decoration, Maintenance and Warranties.

For further information relating to SoundSecure doorsets, please visit the Doorset FAQs page.

Full installation instructions are supplied with each SoundSecure doorset.


SoundSecure Installation & Fitting Guide

It's easy to install a SoundSecure doorset. WATCH our short YouTube tutorial and find out how.